Alert barangay tanods arrested a 26-year-old man shortly after his first cousin, who is only 15 years old, complained that she had been raped by the man in Parañaque City over the weekend.


The suspect, Marvin Repalda, denied the allegations when he and the complainant were presented yesterday to Mayor Edwin Olivarez, who praised the barangay tanods for swiftly acting on the complaint.


Repalda has undergone inquest proceedings before the City Prosecutor’s Office which recommended no bail based on the complainant’s sworn statement and a medico-legal report as well as the girl’s birth certificate showing that she is a minor.


“It is now up for the courts to decide on your innocence or guilt,” Olivarez told the suspect. “You will be accorded all the rights to defend yourself and present evidence to disprove the accusations of your cousin.”


The alleged rape took place in the girl’s house in Silverio Compound, Barangay San Isidro on the night of August 22. The girl reported the incident to the barangay the following night which led to her cousin’s immediate arrest.


San Isidro Barangay Chairman Eusebio “Kabayan” Japlos said the complainant’s parents were not around that night because her father is serving time at the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa where her mother is also working as a vendor.


In her sworn statement, the girl said she and Repalda’s live-in partner along with two other friends had a drinking session in their house on the night of August 22. Around midnight, she said she got drunk and started throwing up so she went to their bathroom downstairs.


She claimed that her cousin followed her inside the bathroom where she raped her.


Repalda denied the allegations and said the girl has a boyfriend whom he said was probably the one who had sex with her on the night that the alleged rape happened.


Public Information Office

City Government of Parañaque



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MANILA, Philippines (UPDATE) – Parañaque City has accepted the SM Land’s proposal to reclaim 300 hectares of land in Manila Bay within the city’s jurisdiction.

This is the SM Land’s second reclamation project with a local government unit. Last year, SM partnered with Pasay City for the reclamation project of land in Manila Bay within its jurisdiction.

The Parañaque Public-Private Partnership Selection Committee said it was only SM Land that had satisfactorily submitted a feasibility study that contained all the required components for the proposed reclamation project.

“The recommendation to accept SM proposal and the acceptance thereof by the City Mayor, have SM Land the ‘original proponent’ status,” it said.

Another proponent S&P Construction Technology Development Corp. failed to submit a complete feasibility study.

The PPS-SC said Paranaque city government and SM Land will now begin detailed negotiations on the terms and conditions of the reclamation project which involve technical and financial aspects.

The reclamation project will still be subjected to a competitive challenge to determine the most beneficial joint venture agreement for the city.

Last September, SM Land, submitted an unsolicited proposal to Parañaque Mayor Edwin Olivarez for the reclamation project. The project was referred to the City Council.

However, Philippine Reclamation Authority said no reclamation activity can legally commence without their approval and the National Economic and Development Authority Board’s approval.

“No, they cannot proceed w that project. Per EO 146, a reclamation project will need recommending approval from PRA and subsequent approval by the NEDA board.  If I recall right, no application so far received by PRA from Paranaque under the administration of Mayor Olivares,” PRA chief Peter Abaya told ANC.

SM is planning to develop and reclaim a combined 600 hectares of land in Manila Bay. The group is currently developing 60-hectare Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.

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By Vernon B. Sarne  


At around 8pm Thursday last week, the gated BF Homes subdivision in Parañaque was perturbed by a car chase between the police and a black Mitsubishi Montero Sport. During the pursuit, which lasted some 45 minutes according to news reports, about five cars were hit by the SUV, until the cops fired a hail of bullets at the vehicle, killing its driver on El Grande Avenue.

When the TV stations first reported the news–including TV5, from which the screenshot above was grabbed–the Montero Sport driver was proclaimed as a carnapping suspect, and the vehicle a “hot car.” The guy deserved it, didn’t he?

Well, the following day, another story appeared in Pilipino Star Ngayon, a sister publication of Philippine Star. In the article, the shooting victim was identified as Timothy James Alon, an employee of “Mitsubishi Motors.” Alon’sFacebook page shows a business card stating his job as sales executive of Peak Motors Philippines, a Mitsubishi dealership located at 857 EDSA corner Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City.

It turned out that Alon’s Montero Sport wasn’t a hot car, but was personally owned by him. The intriguing part was the police’s revelation that a gun and four sachets of shabu had been recovered inside the SUV. The gun, they said, was the firearm Alon used to shoot at them during the car chase.

Now, the new angle is this: The cops spotted the Montero Sport being driven waywardly. When they tried to stop it, they said, the driver sped off, leaving the police with no other choice but to give chase.

At this point, it’s hard to tell the truth from media hogwash. Questions need to be asked, chief of which is:

How come Alon was initially tagged as a car thief, and the Montero Sport a hot car?

Was this a case of mistaken identity? Were incriminating items planted inside the SUV to justify the shooting? What does this say about our police force’s intelligence-gathering? And what does it say about the accuracy of information released by the authorities to the media?

What do you think?

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An alleged drug dealer and a motorbike theft suspect were killed by the police in separate encounters in Parañaque City and Quezon City.

Timothy James Alon, 29, took a shot in the head after he exchanged gunfire with  Parañaque City policemen around 8 p.m. on Thursday following a brief chase.

Police said Alon’s car overtook  several other vehicles  on Aguirre Avenue, catching the attention of  PO1 Khevin Klein Bautista  who was on  patrol duty.

Instead of stopping, Alon reportedly pointed a .45-cal. gun at Bautista before taking off. The policeman, together with the mobile patrol team of BF Homes, then gave chase.

Alon  opened fire, prompting the police  to  shoot back. Hit on the  head, Alon died on the spot.

Supt. Teofilo Andrada, deputy chief of police for administration,   said police found Alon’s gun  beside his body, apart from four sachets of “shabu” (methamphetamine hydrochloride).

Police said that they would also investigate reports that Alon had sold illegal drugs to students in several Parañaque schools.

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MANILA, Philippines–The Muntinlupa City government is deploying a total of 15 traffic enforcers to guide the over 500 provincial buses that will be using the South Station Terminal in Alabang for the first time on Wednesday.


Gerard Comia, officer in charge of the city’s traffic unit, said the 15 would be deployed specifically to the Alabang-Zapote road and near the Alabang viaduct—areas where traffic might build up—when the 556 provincial buses from Southern Luzon merge with vehicles bound for northern Metro Manila.


According to him, the city enforcers would be assisted by 29 personnel from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board.


Tez Navarro, the city’s public information officer, said that Muntinlupa policemen and personnel from the Manila Toll Expressway System, which operates the nearby South Luzon Expressway, would also help regulate traffic flow.


Once the buses reach the South Station Terminal, though, Comia said they would be guided by Filinvest personnel instead since the terminal is on Filinvest property, which is considered private.


“If [the Filinvest personnel] can’t [handle the volume] anymore, that’s when we will go inside [the terminal and assist them],” he added.


Navarro said that signs directing bus drivers to the South Station Terminal had already been posted in different parts of the city.


Several weeks ago, Metro Manila mayors approved the use of the terminal as a temporary destination for the 556 provincial buses that would be barred from Edsa as part of efforts to ease traffic on the major thoroughfare.


The affected buses from Laguna and the eastern part of Batangas do not have terminals in Metro Manila.


The traffic plan was supposed to take effect on Aug. 20 although it was postponed by Muntinlupa Mayor Jaime Fresnedi, citing the lack of preparation on the part of the agencies concerned. He later announced that the buses would be allowed to use the South Station Terminal starting Wednesday for a trial period of one month.


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