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“Home Time Fitness provides one on one personalized training at the convenience of your own home. We can be at your doorstep and ready to train as early as 6am. No equipment needed as we provide that too. We offer boxing, cardio circuit training, Plyometrics and core and body strengthening. For more information, visit hometimefitness.com or call us at (0920) 966 5516/(0998) 959 5214.

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Filipinos’ propensity to hoard and hold on to objects for sentimental reasons, even in the often cramped space of urban condo living, has been a boon to the self-storage business of Macky and Carlo Coronel.


The brothers, who set up their company, Safehouse Self-Storage and Moving, in 2010, are local pioneers in this business that’s quite popular in countries like the US.


Self-storage essentially means renting a secure space for the safekeeping of one’s belongings that can’t be accommodated in one’s living or work space. It’s a personal warehouse.


The demand for self-storage has increased exponentially in the last couple of years, such that the Coronels had to multiply the number of their storage units. When they started, they had only 16 units available.


As Filipinos become more familiar with the concept, the brothers get more inquiries from corporate clients, says Macky, 30, though their occupancy is composed of 60 percent individuals and 40 percent corporate.


“Security is a major concern for first-time clients,” says Carlo, 26. “We assure them that we have security guards in the facility 24/7, as well as CCTV cameras in all access points. Each client has his or her own padlock, and they’re given an access card when they sign the contract. Without it, you can’t get in.”


Clients are required to sign a logbook when they come to the facility in Taguig, about 10-15 minutes from Bonifacio Global City. The company also conducts random checks of items and boxes being brought to the facility. “We want to make sure they’re not illegal, like drugs or firearms,” says Carlo.


Most of their individual clients have been storing furniture. “Say, they’re renovating their home,” says Carlo. “We have yuppies and upstart entrepreneurs who store their inventory.”


 Satellite offices

Some international airlines with small satellite offices here have units for their office equipment. (Soon, the company will integrate records management in its services.) Other clients include restaurants and salons.


safehouse collage



Safehouse now offers climate-controlled units for sensitive objects like paintings and leather goods. One corporate client stores gaming console software and accessories.


While Safehouse has standard-size units with rates starting from P1,500/month, the company now also offers customized units depending on the client’s needs. (Call 4781985, 6222181, 9660956, 0917-8157233 or 0917-7147233; or visit www.safehouse.com.ph.)


“Our core family business is real estate,” says Macky, referring to Panorama Development, a build-and-sell developer that also leases warehouses. (Dad Edgar Coronel is former president of Cinderella Marketing Corp.) “If the client’s need is below 500 sq m, Safehouse takes care of it.”


Given the demand, other companies have also set up similar facilities, according to the brothers. “Self-storage is an easy concept to copy, but ours is highly personalized service. Our staff cascades it straight to us,” says Carlo.


“If you ask for an estimate or proposal, we can send you one within the hour, or the next day the latest,” says Macky. “We’re really the first to offer this kind of service. The existing ones before had a different concept.”


Competitors, the brothers say, pack stored items in lift vans, not in individual units like Safehouse. “When you have to access your items, you pay a fee to open the lift vans, which is inconvenient. With us, you can come and go anytime, add more items anytime as long as they still fit in your unit. In others, you add an item and you pay an additional fee,” says Carlo. Safehouse, however, charges a fee for after-hours access.


“We see a huge potential in this business,” says Macky, who adds there are plans to build similar facilities in Quezon City and Makati. “There’s a continuous demand, so we also construct continuously.”


A unique service of the Coronels is the packing service, charged per cubic meter, coupled with trucking service. “We require items to be packed a certain way, or we ask them to get an insurance,” says Carlo. Safehouse conducts pest control quarterly “so clients don’t have to worry” about vermin getting into their stored items.


Being real-estate developers themselves, the Coronels are all too familiar with the dilemma of urban dwellers: Every square feet of condos is sold off as living space, with little or no provision for storage.


A cultural trait has also been a windfall for the brothers. “Filipinos don’t want to throw things away. We’re hoarders. And that’s our market,” says Macky. “The condo units are getting smaller and smaller. The better for us.”

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Muzette of Le Heim is a full service singing and music instruments lesson provider. The center was established in 1999, since then, the center has committed to nurturing young talents south of Manila and honing their skills.

What set us apart from other centers is our professional faculty and goal oriented programs. Our teachers are music graduates from prestigious music colleges in the country (and abroad). Our students have fun but are well motivated in their music studies. Most of our students are soloists, accompanists and part of the orchestras/bands in their schools. We are also known for our concert recitals which we do twice in a year.



We are an International school. We have Filipinos, American, Europeans and Asian students. In Muzette we consider each one a part of the Muzette family, we invite to be a part of us!



This summer we are offering the following:


  • Piano, Voice, Drums, Guitar, Violin, Cello, Flute Trumpet, Clarinet &  Saxophone



  • ARTISTA ACTING AND IMPROVISATIONS WORKSHOPS (kids to Adults) with Direk Rodel Mercado Coach of Sophie Albert (TV 5;  Anika Gonzales of Star magic and Abel Estanislao GMA 7);
  • MODELING with Direk Kneil Harley guru of fashion show pageantry.
  • HIPHOP, STREETDANCE Energize with Denjo Mitch of Backboyz


Visit their website at


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Apache Burgers & Ribs is the brainchild of four buddies who like having backyard barbecues with friends over

a couple of drinks and some friendly conversation. The idea to come up with a restaurant came up

and Apache Burgers & Ribs was born. It took a year of experimenting on different ingredients and suppliers, Apache’s food have gone through a transition period from the very first food tasting, to opening a shop and opening

another one in a much better and accessible location. The idea is to offer good food, which you’d usually spend an

arm and a leg on in other restaurants, at reasonable prices. The customers would feel right at home with the easy and mom & pop shop feel of the place. Slowly, the boys have been adding improvements to serve their guests better, standardizing their meals, internet connectivity and soon, a delivery service.

The word have been steadily growing. More and more people have been dining lately. The first impression was that

the place looks expensive which of course, the exact opposite. Their motto…“Good food, priced just right.” Apache burgers & Ribs have been busy since they re-opened at their new home at 278 Aguirre Ave. It’s a stones throw from Tides so you might want to grab a bite before going on an all-night drinking binge. Do they serve alcoholic beverages? Yes, they do. To primarily compliment the grilled goodies they offer, especially the really spicy food variants.

If you live in the south, not too busy and somewhat have a large appetite, do give Apache Burgers & Ribs a try! The burgers are not oversized but they definitely compensate with the weight. Their ribs are really tender, the slips off the bone kind, the wings-will definitely make you flap for more. Oh, they also bake their own burger buns, how cool is that?!

For inquiries, you may send them to chiefy@apacheburgers.com.


* article format is like a poem since Apache’s roster of food is pure poetry on plates… (-Ed)

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Anything can be the next big thing right now. Everything is at the tip of your fingertips; you have no reason not to know. That is why they believe that learning also goes beyond books and don’t necessarily take most of your time. Yet they also offer something life changing, may cause a ripple effect by change and better informed decisions.

At VentureLab Business Resource Center, Inc., knowledge is more than just information. It is a driving force that allows you to navigate yourself at your own pace. VentureLab lives by the mantra “Empowering Passionate Minds”. Let them help you through learning. Whether you want to be your own boss, our business start-up seminars will hand it to you straight. Looking for a new hobby? Photography 101 is the perfect start for you, simple and sweet.  Want to improve your craft or better yet, enhance your team in the corporate world? Do you love your job and want to improve on it? VentureLab believes that learning and development should always be continuous and sustainable. Their Professional/Corporate Seminars provide education on valuable topics that will surely aid individuals, professionals, and corporate employees in their lines of work. They can even DESIGN A CORPORATE TRAINING PROGRAM based on your company’s needs.



They also offer a fully-functional room at an affordable fee for YOUR company seminars, trainings, workshops, group presentations, focus group discussions, product briefings, interviews, administration of tests, or for whatever purpose you may see fit. The Venue Package rates vary depending on the number of total participants and duration of the booking(s). Just e-mail them the project details and they can provide an accurate cost estimate right away.

You only have to bring your open-minded self. All seminars come with a kit (handouts, notebook, and pen), 2 snacks and lunch. Most importantly, their company will always strive to provide learning with a balance of youth and experience consistently.



Discounted seminar price awaits early bird and group enrollees!

View their website @www.venturelab.ph or contact us at 0926.7332647 and (02) 511.7226.

Suggest a seminar or inquire here:  info@venturelab.ph

Follow them on Twitter: @VentureLabPH

Find them on Facebook: VentureLab Business Resource Center, Inc.

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