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March is teeming with exciting events for the Southern community, and everyone’s invited!


Students welcome the summer

Schools in the Southern community will get their chance in the spotlight this month as well. In celebration of our students’ hard work throughout the school year, Alabang Town Center will play host to the commencement exercises and musical shows of Elizabeth Seton South, The Learning Child, Maria Montessori, Pilar Monessori, St. John Bosco school. Join the fun from March 22-24 at the Activity Center.


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Celebrating the good ol’cup of joe

Continuing the year-long lineup, Alabang Town Center’s latest Food Holiday will be in honor of a break time constant: Coffee & Cakes. Be in the mall on March 19th as participating stores like J.Co Donuts & Coffee, Caramia, Starbucks, Figaro, Crisostomo, John & Yoko, Soi, and San Mig Pub give special BUY 1, TAKE 1 offers on coffee and cake for the whole day! 


Easter Sunday goes digital

There’s going to be a different spin on the usual Easter Sunday at Alabang Town Center. The traditional Easter egg hunt is getting a revamp this year with the Easter iHunt! Get those digital cameras, tablets, cellphones and smartphones ready, egg installations will be hidden all over the mall and participants who snap a photo of as many as possible get special prizes.  Kids will also get to take a breather and watch a bible story TV marathon and art interactive activities at the Activity Center.


The summer has just begun and many more activities are on the way. One thing is for sure, Alabang Town Center will make sure that summer of 2013 will be one for the books!

It is no secret that throughout the years, Alabang Town Center has grown into the Southern community’s go-to place for pretty much every possible dining experience one could desire. Be it a big hearty burger, a delicate sushi roll, or a plate of good ol’ adobo, the answer to your culinary cravings is never far away. Not one to ignore the Filipino’s innate passion for food, Alabang Town Center is launching a slew of exciting new activities in celebration of the many flavors the mall has to offer.

The Epicurean Fair gathers the mall’s favorite food establishments into one mini food fest in the heart of Alabang Town Center. Starting first weekend of February, the Activity Center will be teeming with take-home treats fresh from the kitchens of ATC.

Mark your calendars, foodies. For every month of 2013, ATC will be celebrating World or National Food Holidays, giving special offers on the dish of the day. Pizza, steaks, coffee, and cake are only a few of the favorites with entire days dedicated to them and Alabang Town Center will be the place to celebrate! Keep an eye out for the announcements, because for one day a month, participating establishments will be giving huge discounts and special offers on the official Food Holiday dish of the month.



You’ll need more than just your Valentine’s date on February 23, as the official dish for February is a barkada favorite, Pizza! Diners will need the whole gang to come out for lunch or dinner, as pizzas from Crisostomo, Figaro, Café France, and San Mig Restaurant will be giving a special Buy 1 Take 1 promo for the whole day.

Speaking of bringing the barkada or the whole family out, several ATC food establishments now have party spaces for private gatherings. Catering to everything from birthday parties to corporate meetings, have a place all to yourselves at restaurants like Amici, Gerry’s Grill, Max’s Restaurant, Outback Steakhouse, San Mig Pub, Tempura, and Tony Roma’s.

Diners looking forward to the summer are in for an extra treat as well; welcome back the sunny days on March 19th with Coffee & Cake Day. Treat a friend and get your caffeine fix as coffee and cake combos will be Buy 1 Take 1 at Almon Marina, Amici, Figaro, John & Yoko, San Mig, and Soi!



Prepare to loosen those belts and fill up those plates, Alabang Town Center’s specialty restaurants are gearing up for a year of dining experiences unlike any other!

Have you ever experienced being in Alabang Town Center or Festival Mall shopping and having a good time when all of a sudden you get a call and are informed that there was an emergency and you have to go to Asian Hospital immediately? But, you don’t have a car. AND you have several paper bags of items that you’ve just bought.

A thought comes to mind—I can always take a cab!

So you go outside and try to look for a taxi. Wow there are several taxi cab terminals/waiting areas outside!

You approach a driver and tell him where you need to go.

Then he tells you that there’s a fixed price of P200. Game over.

Here are several stories from you, our readers, about the exorbitant fees that these taxis charge our dear commuters:

“We rode a cab last Sunday afternoon at Festival Mall and they charged us P200. We just live nearby. Tsk tsk,” said Krystel Ramirez.

“TAI Taxi has been able to get away with unmetered fixed rates through the years despite public complaints and even media exposure. Looks like someone really powerful is operating the business,” said Joanna Posadas.

“I think to be asked to pay P150 for a cab ride from South Station to Northgate is overcharging. Wala pa talagang P60 yon kung imemetro. Sa Makati nga, nagmemetro mga taxi, dito sa Alabang hinde. If that’s the case, dapat mag-set na lang ng fixed cab fare kung tatagain rin lang. By the way, “taga fare” from San Pedro (United) to Festi is P450. Grrrrr lang talaga,” said Julie Beth Rosel.

“Rare na mga taxi drivers na hindi garapal. A few years back, I was surprised that the fare from ATC until Convergys-Northgate was P120. Imagine that. I understand gasoline prices are up but that does not give them the right to be abusive,” said JayCab Cabrera.

“ATC to Asian Hospital—P250!” exclaimed @MomsieNads

“If those cabs cannot charge passengers fairly, it’d be better to have these terminals slashed off by the mall management,” suggested Elgin Jude Garcia, saying that only those that are in “terminals” do the overcharging.

“GF and I just bought a laptop from ATC. We wanted to ride a cab to ensure our safety. ATC to RFC in Las Pinas—P350?! We rode a jeep,” related Kevin Dayleg.

“ATC to AAV—P250! They should make it reasonable especially when we lose part of ATC parking soon with Rustan’s building! Promote PUVs!” epressed Kevin Choy.

“ATC to BF Homes—P300. Fixed rate daw!” said Oliver Nobuta.


Maybe the mall managements should talk to these “contracted” taxis because the overcharging affects their shoppers directly. Maybe they should protect their customers too by not just ensuring affordable products but also affordable transportation coming from their establishments.

Calling on the mall managements, the LTFRB and the Muntinlupa Traffic Enforcement Office.



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