We came across a blog post that revealed that a Ayala Alabang Church (they only have one, right?) passed out a petition in one of their Eucharistic celebrations asking its parishioners to support the controversial Barangay Ordinance seemingly related to the also controversial RH Bill.

Here are parts of the blog post:

Today, my Parish condemned me for not agreeing with the barangay ordinance

Last night, I had a nightmare where in I attended mass and it showed a Powerpoint on the RH Bill that I greatly disagreed with.

Today, that nightmare came true. Only it did not just cover the RH Bill. The mass was used to convince parishioners to sign a petition that would support the Barangay Ordinance on “The Safety and Protection of the Unborn Child”. An hour had already passed thanks to the long, highfalutin speech of the priest who insisted that if you did not agree with that ordinance, you are cursed. Yes, those were his words. He was even so defensive at first, saying that he wasn’t twisting the homily to fit a discussion on the ordinance.

Read the whole post here.

From Journal.com.ph

by Alvin Murcia   

Monday, 31 January 2011 18:43
POLICE are facing a blank wall in the killing of a Korean woman who was shot dead while watching television inside her home in Muntinlupa City Sunday night.

Victim Kyung Lim, 39, was discovered lifeless by her cousins in the living room of her house at 312 Alabang St., Ayala Alabang Village. The victim bore a lone bullet wound in the head.

Police said they are still reviewing the closed-circuit television camera installed in the area to possibly identify and arrest those responsible for the killing.

SPO2 Ronnie Tamondong of the Muntinlupa police criminal investigation unit said the cousins of the victim identified as Choi Jae Won, Gwon Dae Gyu and Kwon Seon Mi were at the second floor of the house when they heard a gunshot downstairs.

The cousins of Kyung immediately went down and found the victim sprawled on the floor with a bullet wound in the head. Responding policemen recovered one spent shell of a caliber .45 from the crime scene.          

Submitted by Olivia Conroy on Fri, 09/24/2010 – 11:58

On Friday, health authorities stated that for the occurrence of dengue fever in tens of thousands of people of Philippines’ posh neighborhoods, swimming pools could not be blamed wholly.

The dengue, a mosquito borne virus spread is prevalent in Manila during the moist season and causes sickness similar to influenza.

It affects the slums of the region the most. As told by Romeo Javier, surveillance Chief, the health authorities at the Manila suburb of Muntinlupa are of the view that the swimming pools in Ayala Alabang, a posh area, could be sheltering the carrier mosquitoes.

He added that the matter had been reported to the city Mayor by the local health authorities. Ayala Alabang, a region in Southern Manila is spread over nearly 700 hectares.

An official reported in The Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper that the investigations are being carried out on the pools of the passed away owners or those in the properties, which the banks had shut.

“As our standard practice, we have dispatched teams of investigators not only (in Ayala Alabang Village), but also in the other barangays to verify the incidence of dengue in their areas”, said Dr. Edilinda Patac, City Health Chief.

The dengue cases in Muntinlupa have surged 77%, as compared to the past year. As of September 20, the confirmed cases increased to 53 from 28, the last year.

We saw from the news that slain carnap gang leader Ivan Padilla possessed a resident identification card of the Ayala Alabang Village Homeowners Association (AAVA).

Now this is just pure alarming as Padilla and his gang members seemingly had access to all the cars inside the Muntinlupa village.

How was he able to get an ID? Was the ID real or fake? The suspect also had a Forbes Park ID.

Either way, if he was able to do it then a lot of other criminal elements can do the same.

We hope that Ayala Alabang Village, as well as other villages and enclaves, double check on who they give the ID’s to or investigate on who makes and distributes fake ID’s. Maybe double check the ID’s of villagers too.

We’ll never know, our car/s might be next.

For the 40th year celebration of Earth Day, Ayala Alabang Village Association and AAV Expedition Team, together with CTCHIQ Events will be organizing the AAV EARTH DAY CELEBRATION. The event will be on April 22 to April 25, 2010 at Cuenca Park, Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City.

AAVA Earth Day

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One person had an idea and kept working until everyone began working together to solve it. See what happens when people care about our world?

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