An Ayala Alabang villager contacted us so we could write about the water situation inside their village after the takeover of Maynilad from Ayala Waterworks.

Here’s what the villager had to say:

It’s about how Maynilad’s services have been terrible the past few months. Hope it’s ok to send it to you through here.

Anyways, here it is:

In the past, what I could boast to others about living in AAV was one or more of the following:
1. Great barangay & association services
2. Good roads
3. Humps that don’t give your car a hard time
4. Good security
5. Potable tap water

While #s 1-4 has been fairly consistent over the last 30 years of my residence in AAV, #5 has not, ever since Maynilad’s takeover from Ayala Waterworks.

For starters, Ayala Waterworks’ services are proactive. They notify homeowners of anything that will affect them. “Anything” covers:
1. Decrease in water pressure
2. Possible change in water characteristics (odor, color, etc)
3. Outages
4. Repairs

Maynilad, on the other hand, does not, despite the following things that have happened in the past few months:
1. Decrease in water pressure
2. Changes in water odor and color
3. Outages
4. Repairs

(To give credit to Maynilad, they did send us a notice when they intended to hike their rates. Like that’s something we wanted to hear)

Now, our tap water:
1. Changes water pressure unpredictably
2. Smells and tastes like soil and chlorine (undrinkable!)

But what can an ordinary homeowner do, but to call customer service and file a complaint? Their customer service is real accommodating and I really felt that I was being listened to; but the results speak for themselves… their customer service is nothing but lip service.

Ayala Waterworks, on the other hand, fixes problems. What’s better is that they give us timelines on when they will fix the problems, and they usually finish fixing the problems way ahead of the timeline that they give out. Because of this proactive behavior,there is no need for a customer service hotline for Ayala Waterworks.

Maynilad could learn a thing (or two… hundred) from Ayala Waterworks about servicing a place like Ayala Alabang.

Paging Maynilad…

Scoring another big development for Parañaque, Mayor Florencio Bernabe, Jr. together with city and barangay officials join Maynilad President Rogelio Singson, MWSS Administrator Diosdado Jose Allado and their executives in making  the ceremonial opening of the MWSI  water valve on Saturday, May 16, 2009 at Vinzon St. corner Aguirre St. in Brgy. BF Homes, this city.

The activity was organized by the city government and Maynilad Water Services Inc. which share the common vision of providing adequate supply of potable water to more areas in the city.

“Having a steady supply of clean water is vital in every household and by working together with other agencies; we are able to bring this valuable resource to the residents of Brgy. BF Homes who have endured many years of severe water shortage,” Mayor Bernabe said.  .

He added that his administration will continue to coordinate with Maynilad and other related agencies to ensure that the city is adequately supplied with water to meet the needs of his constituents.

Mayor Bernabe thanked the coordinating agencies for supporting projects and programs that have helped uplift the city’s growth.  He also thanked officials of Maynilad for their efforts in providing more water connections to the city.

Earlier this year, seven enclaves in the BF Homes area namely, Tirona, ACRA, BF Central, Whitegold, TEHA (Teodoro Evangelista Homeowners Association), Agelor and VOB (Vinzon, Olandriz and Benitez Sts) got their Maynilad service connections for a steady supply of water. (Public Information Office)